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Think about what you've been reading and/or writing. As you have engaged the practice, what have you noticed happening to your attitude about reading and/or writing? What have you discovered about yourself? About other people? About the world at large?

I have been reading the book titled The Cure. In The Cure the main characters are Gemm and Gemma. Reading this book I have discovered the diffrent things you can write about. When you read this book you would be very confused about what is going on. Reading this book has made me now enjoy reading. I discovered that I have a low attention spand. Thats a bad thing, but i still enjoy reading. I learned how creative other people are by reading this book. It would take forever for me to think of a story like that. I found the author very creative. As far as about the world, it didn't really help.

Unfaithful-by:Devon Scott

This book is about all types of unfaithful relationships. There is a couple named Ryan and Carly after a while start to move further and further apart in there relationship. Ryan starts to cheat on her with the bartender and soon after that her best friend.Her best friend is named Olivia. Olivia is married to Miles which is Ryan's best friend . They all grew up together.Ryan finds out the night after he slept with the bartender something he never suspected!

There was a Christmas party and Ryan and Carly's house. Ryan loved looking at other woman when Carly wasn't around. When Olivia showed up his heart dropped he couldn't believe how sexy she looked. Later on that night she started to flirt with him and give him signals to meet him up stairs. It started to storm and not much longer after that "THE LIGHTS WENT OUT". Ryan began to feel on Olivia but it wasn't really her it was Miles.

After that night he began to wonder about what happened that night. He thought that his man hood was gone.He wouldn't show up at home for days at a time and when he did it was like hell. On this particular night Miles called him and asked him to meet him somewhere. Miles explained to him that he was in love with him and that night was his first and that it wasn't a mistake that they had sex. Ryan ran of into the bushes and stopped when he saw the bar.He stayed out all night and came home the next day. When he walked in the next day he found out that his wife was pregnate with another mans baby. After that everything went down hill.

What I like about reading this book was that it kept me busy and engaged. The book kept me awake with all that was going on and it didn't put me to sleep.Swarm tought me no matter how bad the book you have to make it interesting!

By: Neikell

LOL >.<unfaithfulnickelodeon


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